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Gold, Silver or Bronze Warranties Included on All Used Cars at River City Ford

Warranty Ford River City MB

For many drivers, the biggest hurdle to purchasing a used vehicle is the sense of unknown. Will your new car or truck run as reliably as it did when it came out fresh from the factory?

At River City Ford, we give you the complete confidence you want behind the wheel: every one of our pre-owned vehicles comes with a used car warranty, ensuring not only that you end up with the vehicle you want most, but that it continues to perform as well as it should. We guarantee it!

Want to know whether the vehicle you had your eye one comes with either a Gold or Silver Warranty? Ask one of our helpful sales associates at 204-837-3636 to find out.

Gold, Silver & Bronze: How Do Our Used Car Warranties Differ?

Gold Warranty Ford River City MB

  • 6 month / 5,000 km (whichever comes first)
  • 30 day vehicle exchange for vehicle of equal or higher value
  • 3 years free tow back to the dealership (within 100 km of Winnipeg)
  • 72 hour money back guarantee
  • $100.00 deductible

Silver Warranty Ford River City MB

  • 60 day / 3,000 km (whichever comes first)
  • 30 day vehicle exchange for vehicle of equal or higher value
  • 3 years free tow back to the dealership (within 100 km of Winnipeg)
  • $100.00 deductible

Bronze Warranty Ford River City MB

  • 30 day / 3,000 km (whichever comes first)
  • 3 years free tow back to the dealership (within 100 km of Winnipeg)
  • $100.00 deductible


Warranty Coverage Details


Cylinder block, heads, all internal parts, manifolds, timing gears, timing chain or belt and cover, flywheel, harmonic balancer, valve covers, oil pan, oil pump, vacuum pump, engine mounts, seals, gaskets, fuel pump, tank and lines. Also covered are turbo-charged housings, internal parts, valves, throttle body assembly.

 Diesel Engine

All the above listed parts, plus diesel fuel injection pump, lines and nozzles.


Case, all internal parts, torque converter, vacuum modulator, seals, gaskets, and transmission mounts, includes transfer case, all internal parts, seals, gaskets.

 Front Wheel Drive

Final drive housing, all internal parts, axle shafts, constant velocity joints, locking hubs, front hub bearings, seals, gaskets.

 Rear Wheel Drive

Axel housing and all internal parts, propeller shafts, U joints, axle shafts, bearings, supports, seals, gaskets.

 Engine Cooling

Engine radiator, fan clutch and motor, pump.


Gear housing, all internal parts, power steering pump, steering column, main and intermediate shafts and its coupling, hoses, seals, gaskets.

 Front and Rear Suspension

Macpherson struts, upper and lower control arms, control arm shafts, control arms shafts and bushings, upper and lower ball joints, steering knuckle, wheel bearings and seals, stabilizer shaft, stabilizer linkage and bushings.


Master cylinder, assist booster, wheel cylinders, combination valve, hydraulic lines and fittings, disc calipers, seals, gaskets.


Starter motor and solenoid, alternator, voltage regular, distributor, wiring harness, manually operated switches, wiper motors, electronic level control compressor, electronic fuel injection sensors, control module, electronic spark control detonation sensor and controller, electronic instrument cluster, electronic driver information display and module, rear window defroster (factory installed), windshield washer pump, power antenna, window and seat motors.

 Factory Installed Air Conditioning

Compressor, clutch and pulley, condenser, evaporator, accumulator, temperature control programmer, power module and seals, pressure level control and cycling switches, heater motor, fan motor, hoses.

 Free Towing

Free towing to River City Ford within 100 km of Winnipeg for 3 years.

 Courtesy Vehicle

If your vehicle is in for service under our 6 month warranty we'll provide a courtesy car for a fee.

 72 Hour Money Back Guarantee

Vehicle must be in same condition with same equipment as sold.

 Vehicle Exchange Policy

You may exchange your vehicle within 30 days for another pre-owned vehicle of equal or greater value provided the vehicle bought back is in same condition with same equipment as sold with no more than 3,000 additional km on the odometer.

THE FOLLOWING ARE NOT COVERED: Maintenance services and parts described in the manufacturer's maintenance schedule for the vehicle except when required in connection with repairs of a failure covered by River City Ford. Normal maintenance services and parts including engine tune-ups, suspension alignment, wheel balancing, filters, lubricants, engine coolant, fluids, spark/glow plugs, air conditioning, refrigerant, belts, hoses, (with the exception of the power steering and air conditioning hoses), brake pads, lining and shoes, manual clutch and disc lining. Glass, lenses, sealed beams, light bulbs, tires, soft trim, convertible or vinyl top, mouldings, weather strips, sheet metal body panels, bumpers, upholstery, carpet, paint, brake rotors and drums, shock absorbers, batteries, catalytic converter, exhaust system and repairs due to corrosion.

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