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Then you have arrived at the right place. Here at River City Ford, we offer a custom order option for whichever needs and customization options you desire when purchasing a Ford Vehicle. Fill out our contact form or reach out to us today so that we can craft your dream Ford vehicle together!

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    Your Needs, Our Mission


    With the rapid developments in the auto industry, car buying has changed dramatically over the previous few months, and it has introduced us to the possibility of enhancing your buy experience. Now, you can pre-order or simply custom order your next vehicle or truck, constructed to your precise specifications and needs. Any make, model, color, trim, feature, package, or accessory; you can order your new auto precisely how you desire it. Take advantage of Driving Change Auto Group's massive dealership community and reach out to us here at River City Ford to get the auto you desire rapidly and easily.

    Simple and Hassle Free


    How does this benefit you, you may ask? The best part about our service is that it is absolutely free, and we will try our best to make your Custom Order wish to come to fruition. We will communicate with you through every step of the process to make sure you are satisfied. In addition, we will also make sure you can take advantage of all current promotions, and if the price of your vehicle drops once it arrives, we will make sure to give you the lowest price.