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Driving a Ford is more than a choice of great aesthetic, rugged power, or incredible engineering, it is a way to join in on the inspiring legacy of a company that revolutionized and defined how every vehicle in the world is produced today.

From the first Model-T to every Mustang, Fusion, and Escape that is created today, the spirit of innovation and dedication to excellence is at the very core of each Ford. Behind this wheel, you can be confident that you are driving the best and most advanced vehicle the market has to offer.

In our quest to connect you with the Ford that perfectly matches your life, interests, and needs, we have filled our inventory with the best models this make has to offer. Browse through the best Ford cars near Wolseley on our lot at River City Ford.

No Pressure

Our sales team doesn’t work on commission, so you’ll always get a pressure-free experience.

The River City Reasons

We offer lifetime powertrain coverage on our new and pre-owned vehicles.

Half-Price Oil Changes

When you buy a used model, you’ll receive half-price oil changes for three years!

Why Choose River City Ford

A Legacy of Continuous Success near Wolseley

There is no other make in the world that produces as many exemplary, classic and instantly recognizable vehicles as Ford. With a lineage that includes such relatives as the Mustang, Thunderbird, and GT, your Ford is a purebred winner capable of offering outstanding performance, spectacular features, and remarkable longevity. Find your Ford today at River City Ford.

Driving Innovation For Every Generation with Ford Cars

From producing the first affordable vehicle in the world to pioneering the production line to beating Ferrari at its own game, Ford boasts a history of incredible achievements that culminate in the astounding feat of engineering that is your next vehicle. Pick an Ecosport, an Escape or a Mustang, and make your next great choice at River City Ford

Incredible Versatility and Wide Variety

In its early days of operation, Ford only offered one model, but today, you can choose from the widest variety you can imagine. Today’s lineup offers you sports cars, SUVs, trucks, sedans, crossovers and more. Are you prepared to meet your perfect Ford? Browse through all your options here, at River City Ford.

Our Dealership Has Your Ford

Looking for your next Ford vehicle? You’re in the right place. We have both new and pre-owned Ford cars, trucks and SUVs. Providing a spectacular range of possibilities, we’re sure you will find your perfect Ford with us. Come in and browse the best Ford cars near Wolseley at River City Ford.