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Used Ford Edge in Winnipeg Inventory

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Used Ford Edge in Winnipeg Inventory

Time is always on your side when you’re driving a vehicle that has the capabilities and the comfort highlights to make your experience the best it can be no matter where you’re heading – which is why we invite you to get precisely this when you choose a used Ford Edge in Winnipeg’s preferred store for great service and amazing results – River City Ford. Our experienced professionals are here to offer you the reliability that puts you on the road with all the useful features you deserve to make life on the road more fun, safer, and a better representation of your needs moving forward. Let our experts offer you advice, guidance, and the assurances that you are making the right decision for your driving needs. We’re confident that you’ll find all of these things present on the amazing Ford Edge – a vehicle that has been carefully designed to with modern drivers in mind. Let’s show you options and opportunities across the vehicle line and showcase the power and the versatility of one of Canada’s favourite SUVs.

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With a 5-star safety rating on recent models, you’re in good hands no matter what adventure you’re heading out on. With a variety of features offered that include a fuel efficiency as good as 11.3-L/100 km city and 8.0-L/100 km highway, well, you’re definitely going to have an impressive experience from here on out. Let’s get you out there with the confidence that is purely Ford – backed by the team at River City Ford that wants nothing more than to get you into the driver’s seat of a used Ford Edge in Winnipeg that puts you in a better mood whether you’re heading to work or setting off on a journey that will deliver memories that last a lifetime. We’re your Ford store – find what you’re after when you choose professionals that really care about your expectations and aim to offer customer satisfaction with every visit.